Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's About Time

It's about time I wrote something here.  I have finally graduated from seminary and have begun working as an Associate Minister at Vineville Methodist!  So far, I am loving it and feeling the weight of the responsibility of this position.  I am looking forward to participating as a minister in my first baptisms, communion, and weddings in the next few weeks.

Isaiah is now a year old and is developing his own personality more each day.  He loves to use a walking toy to zoom across the living room floor.  Joanna has our house set up and looking like we actually live here.  In her free time, she has also secured a position for teaching in the fall at the Masonic Children's Home.  Our families are overjoyed at having us in the same state again.

So, this is a brief update on the recent events of my life to be followed soon by different thoughts and writings about my life, Scripture, and Christianity.

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